Welcome to the Synergy website

The Systems, Networking, and Energy Efficiency (Synergy) lab is at the School of Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University. It is led by Professor Yuvraj Agarwal. Our lab was started by Yuvraj at UC San Diego and we continue to have close ties and collaborations with colleagues in that department, including the MESL Lab.

Our research focus is on designing systems with the goal of improving energy efficiency at all levels. As such many of our research projects span hardware systems (embedded/sensors) and software systems with students acquiring experience in either or both areas. We focus on project with a high societal impact and relevance and aim to develop and deploy our resarch at scale. Recent examples include multiple Smart Building related projects that have been deployed across a Building (Occupancy based control, SleepServer, Sentinel) and at a campus scale at UC San Diego (Energy Dashboard). Another example is our ProtectMyPrivacy project currently in use by over 150,000 iOS users!

To see our current research efforts, click on the research link. Our publications are listed on our publications page.

Contact Information

Our lab is located in Wean Hall (3rd Floor, Room 3306) at CMU. Some of our existing students on the UCSD campus are located in CSE 2113. Dr. Yuvraj Agarwal's office is in WEAN Hall @ CMU, Room 5313.

About Our Logo

Our logo consists of three hexagons, each repesenting a focus of our efforts. The top represents the hardware of our systems, the bottom represents the software that runs our systems, and the right represents that our systems are meant to make positive contributions to energy management and make the world a "greener" place. Thus our driving force is the synergy of these three.

Affiliations and Sponsors

Our SYNERGY Lab is a part of the Institute for Software Resarch (ISR), within the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University . We also continue to have a presense at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego through our collaborators and existing lab members, primarily to support our smart building deployment project.

Our current and past sponsors and affiliations include:


07/2016 Our Ubicomp 2016 paper on GENIE: a 2 year study on Hardware/Software Thermostat usage in Buildings is now online!
06/2016 Project on Handling Trillions of Flaws on Billions of Internet-of-Things Awarded! Thank you NSF! (Award: #1564009).
06/2016 Our USENIX SOUPS'16 paper just won the IAPP SOUPS Privacy Award! [PHOTO] Congratulations Bin, Hazim, Mads and Florian!
06/2016 Our USENIX SOUPS'16 paper on the various factors affecting privacy policies and notices and their efficacy is online!
Our USENIX SOUPS'16 paper showing how privacy assistants help users manage privacy on SmartPhones is online!
05/2016 Two papers accepted accepted to SOUPS'16. Congratulations Joshua, Florian, Bin, Mads, Hazim!
03/2016 Our IEEE Computer invited paper outlining our vision in the GioTTO IoT Expedition is now online.
02/2016 Received a Google Faculty Research Award for our work on Mobile Privacy! Thank you Google!
10/2015 Our IoT Security Vision paper accepted to HotNets 2015. Congratulations Tianlong Yu, Vyas Sekar and Srini Seshan.
08/2015 Zodiac: Organizing Large Deployment of Sensors to Create Reusable Applications for Buildings, has been accepted BuildSys 2015.
02/2015 Rahul Mangharam @ UPenn and Yuvraj Agarwal are serving as TPC Co-chairs for BuildSys 2015.
12/2014 CHI paper on "Privacy Nudging for Android Privacy Management" accepted to CHI 2015! Great collaboration with Hazim, Florian and a number of CMU colleagues!
09/2014 New PhD Student Joshua Gluck joines the SynergyLab @ CMU. Welcome Josh!
09/2014 Karthick Rajamani and Yuvraj Agarwal are serving as TPC Co-chairs for USENIX HotPower 2014. We have an exciting program including two Keynotes -- Victor Bahl from MSR and Charlie Hu from Purdue! Don't miss out -- Register!
08/2014 WattShare and Model, Cluster and Compare (MCC) papers accepted to ACM BuildSys 2014!. Demo Abstract for BuildingSherlock also accepted! Congratulations Shailja, Manaswi, Amarjeet, Murali, Bharath, Rizhen and Yan!
07/2014 Yuvraj Serving on the TPC of IPSN 2015 in Seattle. "
05/2014 Co-organization the Data Aware Energy Use Workshop at UCSD/La Jolla in September 2014.
4/1/2014 - EnergyLens paper accepted to ACM E-Energy 2014! Congrats to the authors!
9/10/13 - Our paper on Sentinel has been accepted to SenSys 2013!
10/21/13 - We will have two papers at ACM BuildSys 2013! Congrats to the authors of both papers!
9/14/12 - Our paper on BuildingDepot has been accepted to BuildSys 2012!
9/10/12 - We will have two papers at USENIX HotPower 2012! Congrats to the authors of both papers!
5/10/12 - Our paper has been accepted to IEEE Design and Test, Special Issue on Green Buildings
4/27/12 - Congrats to Roshni! She has won a 2012 Google Anita Borg Scholorship!
4/18/12 - Congrats to Yuvraj! He has won the faculty 2012 UCSD Sustainability Award!
3/05/12 - The Synergy Lab has been nominated for a 2012 UCSD Sustainability Award for Student Lab!
3/05/12 - Synergy Lab director Yuvraj Agarwal has been nominated for a faculty 2012 UCSD Sustainability Award!
9/19/11 - Our paper on demand response plug load meters has been accepted at the 2011 BuildSys Conference!
4/14/11 - Our project on "Reducing HVAC Power Consumption using Building Occupancy" is on campus news.
3/16/11 - Our paper on "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Model-Based Power Characterization" has been accepted to USENIX ATC 2011!.
3-03-2011 - We are looking for new students to join our lab! Check out what we do in the About Us page!
1-27-2011 - Our paper on "'Duty-Cycling Buildings Aggressively: The Next Frontier in HVAC Control" has been accepted to IPSN/SPOTS 2011!
1-09-2011 - Our paper on Smart Microgrids will appear at Design and Test Europe 2011!
12-21-2011 - SleepServers featured in a full article in the Dec. issue of IEEE Computer magazine.
10-04-2010 - Yuvraj Agarwal is on the technical programming committee for ACM/IEEE IPSN - SPOTS track 2011.
9-24-2010 - Our paper on occupancy controlled buildings has been accepted at ACM Buildsys 2010 (colocated with SenSys).
9-10-2010 - The Synergy lab welcomes its newest members in Manish!
8-18-2010 - Our new group website is now live.
8-16-2010 - Energy Dashboard and SleepServers were covered in the San Diego Business Journal.
8-10-2010 - Our first NSF proposal (with Sorin Lerner) has been awarded!
8-10-2010 - The Energy Dashboard has gotten extensive upgrades. Please check out the new features there! We will be continually upgrading this site too so keep visiting!
6-22-2010 - SleepServers was presented at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2010.
6-14-2010 - SleepServers received an award from the San Diego Clean Tech Innovation and Commercialization Program.
3-29-2010 - The Energy Dashboard is now live! The website allows interactive visualization of energy usage across the entire UCSD campus, including a detailed breakdown of the CSE building, and monitors energy consumption of individual PCs that are deploying Somniloquy and SleepServers.
3-02-2010 - Our paper on CyberPhysical systems focusing on Smart Buildings to appear at DAC in June 2010!